Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Yarn for Lou's Blanket

The yarn arrived on Friday!  It's a lovely color, and very soft in the skein.  I gave it to Lou in one of his rare "awake" moments, and he patted it as if it was a kitten.  He's in a coma full time now, so it was nice that he had a moment to enjoy it.

Sadly, once I started swatching with it, it turned out to be brittle and pilling.  I'm still not sure how both are possible, but there it is.  It's definitely not blanket material, unless it's one of those blankets you make and then never touch, let alone use.  This is an excellent reminder to only buy yarn you can touch and squeeze and otherwise handle before you buy it!  The yarn is discontinued, and now I can see why.  Time to go hunting again.


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ddeangelo said...

Hi Liz-
I know it sounds crazy by Baby's First yarn by Lion Brand is really nice. It's Cotton/Acrylic, very soft and easy to knit with. I just finished a baby blanket and I'm using it for a new cowl idea I have.

It's bulky weight and should easily be found locally at Michaels and/or JoAnns.

Best of luck!