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Monday, May 6, 2013

Sweaters on Syfy's Defiance

Grunge and Industrial chic are back in a big way.  This new show on Syfy is just dripping with custom knitwear, much of which is made with handspun, hand dyed yarns.  They are all hand knit.  There are shirts, sweaters, coats, wraps of every description...  I see a big fashion trend set to counter the art deco trend coming on the heels of this summer's Great Gatsby movie!  Here's a peek.


Domestic Geek Girl said...

Awesome I never really noticed that! Would be great to get some of those patterns! They look amazing!

Ann Knits said...

i have just asked to be friends on FB and hope you will accept. i am an admin in Knitting <3 in FB and members have been asking for patterns from this show. i see the pictures posted on your blog but was wondering if you knew if the patterns were available.



Ann Knits said...

requested your friendship on FB.

I am an admin on FB's Knitting <3 group and members have been asking for Defiance patterns. do you know if they are available?


Robin said...

I've been hooked on SyFy's Defiance for months now. Looking at the various designs worn has inspired me to pick up the much neglected knitting needles again.