Saturday, October 29, 2011

What to Knit - Holiday 2011 vol 7 - Xmas Stockings

Family Portrait Stockings

Everyone wants something different in a holiday stocking for looks, but we all want the same thing for function - hold those precious little gifts in a delightful package.  The decor of the recipient's home, their personal style, and of course, your personal style will all go into choosing what stocking is a perfect fit. 

Icicle Stocking
Many years ago we instituted a tradition that any guest in our home during the holidays will receive their own stocking, filled and hung by my fireplace.  Some choose to take them home, but frequent house guests leave them here to be a part of our family display each year. 
Krisitin's Creative Stockings
Mix It Up Stocking
Daydream Stocking
Spindleknitter's Stocking
For a long time, colors that were not part of Normann Rockwell's palette were not considered "holiday" colors.  I'm so glad those days are behind us!  Any of these stockings can be knit in any colors that suit you or your recipient.  Have fun with it, and make each style your own.  Consider some of these for you and your loved ones this season.
Bret's West Coast Stocking

Friday, October 28, 2011

Another One Bites the Dust

Sadly, Kitchen Sink Dyeworks is closing it's doors.  Click here to read the whole story, and to link to the closeout yarn sale. 

Happy Halloween from Buffalo Wool Co!

If you've never knit with Bison yarn, you're missing out.  This is the perfect way to introduce yourself!  I got mine.  Did you get yours?

Thursday, October 27, 2011

What to Knit - Holiday 2011 vol 6 - Mittens

Vespergyle Mittens
Pearls on a Chain
I know I've kept it a big secret all this time, but I love mittens.  Like crazy.  Like I'm some sort of addict.  There isn't a time of year that I'm not making them.  So it is with GREAT pleasure that I recommend that mittens to add to your Holiday knitting list.

Celtic Flower
I've tried to include something for everyone here, young, old, male or female.  I hope you like them.  All of these mittens are ideal for holiday giving, and if you're anything like me, you'll make an extra pair for yourself.  I'll never tell!

Snowman Mittens

Day of the Dead Mittens

Deep in the Forest

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

William Morris Mittens

I designed these in the spring for the Knitty Deep Fall edition, but alas, was not among those chosen.  That's okay, I still love them!  Thanks to Colleen Croce for the magnificent sample knit.  You ROCK!

Made with Cascade Yarns Heritage Sock, they are elegantly thin, and surprisingly very warm.  Plus, there's plenty of time to make them before the holidays!  $5.00 USD  Buy it Now

Fredda Mitts

When the leaves start to fall and there's a little nip in the air, I get excited. I pull out all the turtlenecks, sweaters, hats, scarves, and of course, mittens. There are two steps for hands in between no jacket days and mitten days - pockets, and fingerless gloves. Since I can't rake with my hands in my pockets, I use these. They also protect nicely against the "raking too long" blisters! 

Made in Cascade 220 Sport, they knit up quickly, and wash like a dream.  You know you want some!   The pattern is just $3.00.  Buy it Now

Sunday, October 23, 2011

What to Knit - Holiday 2011 vol 5 - Hats

Hats are hugely popular gifts, and make great holiday surprises as well as winter necessities.  Whichever is your need to knit a hat, here are some of the fabulous hats you might want to knit this season.

P Chullo
Chullos are South American staples, worn both in the mountains and in the desert (it gets very cold there at night!) and knit tightly enough to be moderately windproof.  No size 1 needles are needed here, though.  This hat has traditional motifs, but is knit to a larger gauge than the originals. 
Kami Hat
The slouchy skater and snowboarder hat grows up in a slightly sophisticated cap called the Kami Hat, which promises to never give you hat head.  I can't verify the truth of this claim, but it's a really cute hat, so it's worth a try!

The Bus Hat is a more teen-friendly simple cap.  I love this pattern because it can be knit straight up, or you can add simple horizontal stripes, or change out the yarn...  The essential character of the cap will remain the same, and yet knitting for siblings, you don't have to make absolute twin hats.
Bus Hat

Molly Beret
The Molly Beret is the best of two worlds of hats: it's a really cute beret, and it takes advantage of the "big cables" look of the season.  It knits up fast on big needles (US 7!) and fat worsted weight yarn.  Fast and fashionable... Throw in some chocolate and it's absolutely perfect!
Tam of America
The Tam of America is patriotic, trendy, and red white and blue.  The top looks like the Captain America shield, which makes it great for comic book fans.  There are stars along the sides, too!  Get your American fix with this adorable beret, good for any age group.
Glad Plaid
Blue and White Cap

These two colorwork hats couldn't be more different - slouchy and snug, brimmed and not, pom pommed and smooth... And yet they're both bringing the warmth of stranded colorwork to a joyful cap to be warn by young and old alike.  Change up the colorways, and you can make either of these patterns coordinate with your favorite outerwear.  Change the fiber to make them warmer or lighter to suit the winter weather near you!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Snowman Mittens Pattern

The pattern for these mittens is available as a PDF download as of today!  It's a family pattern, available in children's and women's sizes.  They may look complicated, but they're not.  Made with Cascade Yarns Cash Vero Aran, they knit up quickly, are really warm, and wash like a dream.  They can be knit flat or in the round, and only uses duplicate stitches for the hat, not intarsia.  You can do it! $3.00 US   Buy It Now
Enjoy them!

Friday, October 21, 2011

What to Knit - Holiday 2011 vol 4 - Kids

Oatmeal Snowman
Ruffled Beret
Building Blocks
When it comes to knitting for the holidays, one of he most fun things for me is knitting for children!  I wanted to show a variety of the most joyful children's projects I could find to get everyone pumped to get the needles clicking. 

I picture the Oatmeal Snowman as being on a child's bed at bedtime at Grandma's, or sitting on top of the gifts under a Christmas tree.  Too Cute!
Hot Cocoa Cap

The Ruffled Beret is for the fashion-conscious toddler, and man, they are everywhere!  If you make it in a mohair blend with a silk yarn for the flower, you could make it for a fashion-conscious mom, too.

The Building Blocks Sweater is gender neutral, and cute as a button.

Take a look at these, and get inspired!


Plain Girl Hoodie
Berrily Hat

Dog-Eared Sweater

Twin Leaf Baby Blanket

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

What to Knit - Holiday 2011 vol 3 - Scarves & Shawls

These are the scarves that will be the most welcome gifts this season.  Enjoy knitting these striking designs!
Achenar Cabled Scarf is nicely gender neutral.

Arches & Columns is a frothy confection perfect for a bride, girlfriend, or grandma!

Bad Math is extremely warm knit up in an alpaca blend, and totally men-friendly!

Compassion is thick, warm, and pretty from both sides!        Fiery Dragon is the kid scarf of the season
His Basketweave 'Nough said.

Autumn Leaves Shawl is girly, elegant, and challenging.

Shaw Hill Cabled Capelet is a very cozy trendsetter, and can be worked in multiple colored stripes for even more fun!
Les Miserables is hot on the trail of the elegantly deconstructed look.  Grunge is growing up.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

What to Knit - Holiday 2011 vol 2 - Socks

Tomato Sock
Slippery Slope
Rather than suggest the classics, I thought I'd go with some new, off-beat fabulous choices...

Tomato Sock

Slippery Slope


Toe Sock
Toe Sock

Salt Water Taffy Socks

Salt Water Taffy Socks

Microprocessor Socks

And Legwarmers! 

Midnight Sun

Midnight Sun Legwarmers


Well Heeled Spatterdashes

Well Heeled Spatterdashes

Try 'em.  You'll like 'em!  Made at home doesn't have to mean made for your grandmother (in-law!)