Free Pattern Links

Occassionally in my blog I include links to free patterns available on the web. Original patterns of mine do not have links, and can be found by searching "free pattern" in the blog search box.  On this page the links to patterns appear in alphabetical order (usually). As links are included in future posts, this page will be updated.

3 St Waffle Mittens
Acorn Ornament
Adorable Sweater for a Man/Boy
Age of Brass and Steam Kerchief
Alpaca Earflaps (hat)
Anastasia Bear
Annika Mittens (see post below - Freebie Friday Annika Mittens, Feb 2011)
Baby Jester Hat
Baby Pullover Cardigan
Ball Toys
Basic Striped Hat
Beehive Hat
Bias Cable Mittens
Blueberry Waffle Socks
Brioche Knit Scarf
Cabobble Mittens
Cambio Sweater
Clapotis Cap
Chrysanthemum Mittens
Cozy Cowl
Cozy Shawl Collared Sweater
Dad's Blueberry Pie
David's Cabled Hat
Digital Mittens (see Digital Chain Stitch Mittens post below, February 2011)
Easy Cable Cap (Gehry)
Elf Slippers
Fat Robin (with nest and eggs)
Felted Bowl
Felted Slippers
Firey Dragon Scarf
HalfDome Cap
Heirloom Strawberries
Hesper Tam
Hostess Cupcake Hat
January Charity Hat 2013 KAL
Kids' Earth Day Tote
Knitted Garlic
Knitted Mushrooms
Knitted Prawn (shrimp)
Knitter's Mittens (see Freebie Friday Knitter's Mittens post below, February 2011)
Knitting Graph Paper
La Gran Stole
Little Rocket
Little Zebra
Lunch Bag Felted
Manly Mittens
M*A*S*H Mittens (See Belated Freebie Friday, March 5, 2011)
Mayfaire Cami
Missoni-Inspired Scarf
Monty the Python
Mother's Day Cotton Slippers
No H8 and Peace Mittens (see post below of same name, January 2011)
Noro Striped Scarf
Old-fashioned Sheep Toy
One Row Scarf
Open-Front Shrug
Panel Backed Mittens
Pink Ribbons (socks)
Pink Ribbon Hat
Pink Ribbon Mittens
Pirate Mittens
Puffin Slippers
Queen City Mitts
Rabbit and Bear toys
Santiago Entrelac Wrap
Sidelines Vest
Spindleknitter's Stockings
St. Paddy's Mitts (see post below - You Should Write a book, St Paddy's Mitts, Feb 2011)
Summer Squash
Taos Vest
Tea Cozy
Teddy Sweaters
Thistle Mittens (see post below named "OOPS! One More Mitered Mitten", February 2011)
Tit Bits
Vintage Woman's Coat Sweater
Waffle Knit Washcloth
Warm Winter Gloves
Weekend Socks
Windy City Tote
Yosemite Pullover
Zephyr Sweater