Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Airports and priorities

Well, I've knit in 4 airports and on three airplanes today.  I've cranked out a set of mittens (no surprise), and landed safely in my destination of Missoula, MT.  Unfortunately, my checked baggage didn't make the trip. 

My priorities when packing the carry on were - knitting, Kindle, laptop, gifts for friend, and granola bar.  Perhaps I should have put more of a priority on undies, toothbrush, and pj's.

All in all, sitting in the restaurant/bar in the airport restaurant, which strangely doesn't serve food, (my friend is late), knitting over a laptop and a cold pint of Moose Drool beer, things could definitely be worse.  The Cascade Mountains look spectacular out the window, even if the luggage isn't here, I am, and none of the knitting stuff is lost.  It doesn't suck. 

Sadly, I've managed to lose track of my camera, so I can't take pics.  I've lifted this one from the web. 

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