Monday, June 20, 2011

Loopy in Missoula

This is Loopy, a super cool knit and crochet shop in Missoula, MT.  Run by a mother-daughter team, it has a delightful atmosphere, as shown by these photos of the shop.  Everything about the place encourages creativity, and Cindy, the mom of the ownership duo does an amazing job of making everyone feel right at home. (I didn't get to meet Gini, the daughter.)  Stock includes a little of everything, alpaca to bison to cashmere to wool, and everything in novelties and notions. There is a focus on local and sustainable, and there are a dozen or more beautiful projects to feed your inner stash hound.

What I noticed the most was the riot of color!  The first two photos above are from the outside of the shop.  The "Yarnheads" in the window are a great preparation for what's inside.  The shop has a mood that is both peaceful and joyful.  It's not the sort of place one leaves in a bad mood.  Everything about it is uplifting.

When Lisa (BFF) and I arrived, there were laughing shoppers, cool music quietly in the background, and a young lady named Ellie sitting and knitting.  As Lisa shopped, I asked Ellie what she was making.  "Well, a mess.  I mean, it's a hat, but right now I'm having some trouble."

I'm not bashful, and completely forgot that this isn't my shop or my student.  I just sat down to help.  For almost an hour, Ellie and I picked up dropped stitches, removed some k2togs that were in unexpected places, and smoothed out the work.  As it turns out, Ellie knits beautifully, and the hat is really cute.  The hat is for her boyfrined, which made me ask if she had ever read "Never Knit Your Man a Sweater..." She hadn't.

If you haven't either, the concept is that there is no reason to make a big knitting commitment to a guy you aren't committed to.  When you get "the ring", then you can make a sweater.  Until then, the stages of your relationship are measured in knitting projects.  Hats and scarves are for new relationships, sweaters and afghans are for long term partners.   A few college girls were in the shop at the time, and thought the book sounded hilarious.  I hope they get a copy!  Great stuff.

Anyway, I adore this shop, and could knit out of it for years without wandering.  Considering I'm a real fiber slut (I can't commit to just one) that really says something.  The delightful enthusiasm of Cindy is infectious, and really encouraging.  Her expert knitting and advice are the perfect support to the vast array of fibers and patterns.  And man, does she have books.  She puts any bookstore to shame with her selection of knitting and crochet titles, which is a real thrill for any fiber hound.  If you're in Missoula, or the general area, drop in.  I wish I lived closer!


Angeliner Mediner said...

I live in Missoula and Loopy has been my favorite yarn shop ever since it opened!

Liz Marino said...

You are a wise and lucky woman! I travel a lot, and that shop is an absolute gem! Enjoy. And thanks for writing.