Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Updates du Jour

Well, I chatted with Mountain Colors Yarns today to finalize the details of the Snuggly Socks kit yarns.  Man I love that yarn!  It's going to be so hard not to keep it all to myself!  Oh, well...

Still rockin' the sling on the arm, and I've got to say, it's not my favorite accessory.  Maybe that's why they're never on the fashion runways - maybe not, but on me it's quite unflattering.  On the upside, my arm is starting to respond positively to all this babying.  There are a few things I do each day without the sling, like bathe and dress, and both of those were much less painful today.  A little more ice, a little more ibuprofen, a little more time, and I'll be good as new!

Which is good because all this not knitting is killing me!  How do people manage to put it down?  It's like crack for crafters, I think.  You think it won't overtake your life.  "I can quit anytime I want to."  The next thing you know you're standing in the coffee shop grilling the woman in front of you in line about the sweater she's wearing, and wondering if you could actually knit with coffee stirrers and shredded napkins.  Or maybe that's just me.  Right now I'm telling myself, "I don't have a problem.  I have a hobby.  That I'm very enthusiastic about."

In other news, the calendar is starting to fill in with teaching dates.  In March, the Greater Buffalo Knitting Guild.  In April, at Embraceable Ewe in Hamburg, NY.  May is the Great Lakes Fiber Show. August is the Mid-Ohio show.  September is North Jersey.  October is Vermont and Rhinebeck.  There are several others that I'm still firming up dates or classes, so if you're hoping for me to teach near you, contact me now!  I'll do my best to get everything on the schedule.  And if your group is highly organized and prepping for 2013, this would be a great time to talk.  I only have one date for 2013 booked!

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