Saturday, November 3, 2012

What to Knit Holiday 2012 - 3 Hats

This holiday comes on the heels of the worst natural disaster in US history, leaving more people homeless than hurricanes Irene and Katrina combined.  Our focus on the warm and cozy things wonderful under the tree is ongoing; but if you don't normally knit for loved ones at the holidays, consider knitting this season and donating.  Donate to the needy in your community, or knit for those in the Northeast who are survivors of this historic storm and are left with little or nothing.  Many communities are arranging donation drives through TV and radio stations, religious groups and churches, and local charity networks.  Just a thought.

Amelia Earhart Aviator Cap

The ABC Hat comes from The Blue Blog Patterns, by Allison Hansel.  She asks that her patterns are used only for non-commercial uses.  It's an easy hat, a fast knit, and more importantly, really cute!  If you're knitting for charity, please tag the finished object identifying the fibers involved to help those who may be living with allergies.

The Amelia Earhart Aviator Cap is adorable!  It's a pattern coming from Head Huggers, which is a charity network donating hats to cancer patients.  It's definitely girlie, and has a retro vibe that still works well with today's pared-down fashion with clean lines and a close fit.

Beehive Hat
From the Unfurled blog comes the Beehive Hat.  Designer Holly Klein has created this adorable confection which works equally well for children and adults.  Again, it's a quick and easy knit, and it has a joyful personality that's hard to resist. 

Wolf Pack Hat

If you're a fan of colorwork, the outdoorsy types in your life might fall in love with the Wolf Pack Hat.  Originally published in Canadian Living, Thirteen Mile Farm is credited as the designer of the pattern.  Colorwork hats are much warmer than hats in single colors as a rule, because the fabrics are twice as thick due to the second color of yarn being carried behind the first.  If you live somewhere really cold, consider making this hat in an alpaca or camel blend, which add significant warmth!

We Call Them Pirates

From the incomparable Adrian Bizilla comes the We Call Them Pirates Hat.  It's more colorwork, and for those on your list who love pirates, skeletons and skulls, and things slightly counter-culture, it's a sure-fire hit.  It's one of the most popular hats on Ravelry, and it's adorable. 

The last hat I have to offer this year is extremely fun to work.  Originally published in Knitty, Alexandra Tinsley has created a pattern that is dictated by the color changes in a variegated yarn.  Knit in stockinette until the designated color(s) come along, and then purl.  The result is a uniquely textured piece with great style, and appropriate for every member of the family.  It's called Topographie

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