Sunday, November 25, 2012

Design Work

I've spent some time in the last two weeks working on a new sock design.  This has resulted in ten different swatches, 7 completed sketches, and 5 charts.  I don't know if it's there yet, but I'm knitting up a sample.  If the sample works when I knit it, the next step is to hand it off to a sample knitter. 

Sometimes I lose track of how much is involved in bringing a new design through the whole process.  This sock has open work and cable work, so the gauge varies throughout.  The shaping of the gusset needs to be worked around the design elements.  And the whole thing needs to be worked in a yarn that will allow it to be made in a single skein of sock yarn, or 400yds total.  If not, folks are much less likely to make it.

During this same time, I've designed and made a hat, designed and swatched a pair of gloves, and knit on other projects just to clear my head of sock obsession.  Still and all, I'm probably 24 hours into this sock.  Some projects just go more smoothly than others.  This one seems to be shy, and isn't ready to step into the light yet.

No pressure.  It's supposed to be a holiday gift, but it's not panic time yet.  If the gussets don't work, then maybe.  For now, I need coffee, chocolate, and bravery. 

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