Saturday, October 12, 2013

What to Knit Holiday 2013 2 - Baby Sweaters

It's time to select the patterns and yarns for the holiday sweaters you'll be wearing and giving this season, so here's a little help.  These are some terrific options for the little ones on your list!

For babies and toddlers, these sweaters are stylish and quick.  Remember, you can change colors or fibers as needed to match your local climate or recipient's taste. 

Le Chat Noir
This adorable black cat sweater can be made in any color to match your cat or the baby's personality.  I love this!  Le Chat Noir is a piece by Stephanie Mason of 100 Baby Sweater Patterns.  A yarn with a little halo to it would be adorable, but be mindful of the challenges to laundering some yarns.  Babies tend to make a lot of laundry!  This is a quick knit in simple stockinette with basic shaping.  (Sew down all felt/cloth pieces to keep baby from sucking or chewing them off.)  The sleeves are shown closed, but if you are not making a newborn/infant size, you can knit them as regular sleeves.

Raglan Cotton Baby Sweater w/Stripes
From the great folks at abc knitting patterns comes this cute striped sweater, Raglan Cotton Baby Sweater with Stripes.  Any combination of colors and buttons can make this sweater personalized to whatever style you choose.  Consider adding contrasting cuffs and collar, or making the stripes out of multiple colors to put a personal spin on this terrific pattern.  The long cuffs on the sleeves allow baby lots of growing room, ensuring lots of wear!  Organic or recycled cotton would make a very soft and cozy, breathable garment. 

Our last offering in the baby department is this adorable Garter Stitch Kimono by Joji Locatelli.  It's a very easy, quick knit, with plenty of styling options.  Add contrasting sleeves, contrasting piping as shown here, or even make each panel in a completely different color!  Add stripes.  Choose some fun novelty buttons.  Run wild!  This pattern is available in Spanish, French, Italian, and English.  The link will take you to the Ravelry page for the pattern where all the versions are available. 

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