Monday, July 11, 2011

Request Philosophy, Ruching How-To

OK, first off, and this is a little weird, did anyone else notice that the photo below showing the length of the scarf looks a lot like a colon?  Anybody?
Next up, the magnificent Miss Colleen now informs me that she is in possession of the elusive 60 inch cable.  Silly me.  I should have asked for exactly what I wanted.  (How true of life, eh?)  The worst that would have happened is that she would have said "no".

In third place, the ruffles are now becoming ruching.  Ruching is accomplished in knitting by starting with number of stitches A, increasing to 2 -5 times the A, and then decreasing again back to A or close to A.  I love the yarn, but continue to worry about the scarf being warm enough, so this assures some added trapped air in the garment for warmth. 

In my head I'm back to designing kids' clothes for Book 2.  I'm not writing it down yet due to my tendency to become obsessed with a pattern until I really like it on paper and swatch.  I need to get the scarf off the needles first, and get the pattern written out. 

I am also mindful of upcoming submission deadlines for various media outlets.  Interesting that although I don't ask for everything I want, I try to fulfill editorial requests to the letter.  I believe I'm on the verge of a spate of requesting dressing on the side, directing the grocery clerk to bag my breads at the top of the bag, and haggling at the flea market.  I'm asking for what I want!  The worst I can hear is "no", right?

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