Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Silliness in the Morning

Enough!  I relent!  For all who have emailed me asking, I've included a photo in my bio to the right of this article.  (I told you I looked like a normal person.)  Now, is this really me?  Or did I substitute? Yes, it's really me. I would have substituted someone far more interesting if I were going to do that!  Like who?

Julia Roberts
Rumor has it that Julia Roberts and Cameron Diaz are both avid knitters.  (I don't know this for sure, but I've seen Ms. Roberts discuss her knitting in interviews.)  I suppose I could scrounge up pictures of them on the net.  They are definitely interesting. Or maybe Franklin Habit, since he's a guy, a knitter and a cartoonist.  Or Grommit, from the wonderful Wallace and Grommit movies.  He's a guy, a knitter, a cartoon, and a dog!  I'm not saying you have to be famous to be interesting, but let's be serious.  It doesn't hurt any.
Cameron Diaz
Franklin Habit
I would be happy to chat about knitting with any of these good people (and dog).  Grommit doesn't talk, but he diagrams well, so I think it would work.  Anyway... 

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