Saturday, November 26, 2011

For the Love of Money

I don't know how things are at your house this season, but at my house they are tight.  My knitting budget is small, and my wishlist is as big as ever.  Whether shopping for me or shopping for another knitter, there is great stuff out there way below retail!

19th cent. Ball Trap
I know I've mentioned this before, but there ARE other options!  I'm a big fan of yard sales, both for yarn and for knitting needles and notions.  If knitting stuff isn't out, I ask.  People very often say yes, and sometimes even offer to give the stuff away.  Often the stuff is still in its packaging.  Beautiful vintage tools like darning eggs, needle boxes, and ivory crochet hooks have been in these sales, and now they're in my home for less than their modern plastic counterparts would be.  It's a great way to recycle and to save lots of money.  Your money stays at work locally.  You might even make a friend!
Sterling Art Deco Needle Case
No yard sales near you?  Try Craigslist.  Run the search in a variety of ways for the best luck.  Knitting, crafting, needles, yarn, patterns, needlework, etc will all yield slightly different groupings depending on how the ad was phrased.  I don't have frequent luck with this, but when there is something listed, it tends to be a very large lot, sold by folks who can't knit anymore due to eyesight or arthritis problems, or sometimes an estate.  Save the old stuff from becoming landfill fodder.  Again, money stays local, and you get the needle sizes or notions you need.

Not worried about buying local?  There's always eBay for needles, yarn, and notions. will have most of the knitting books you're looking for at prices anywhere from 10% - 90% off.

Silver and Wood Darning Eggs
Then again, you can approach it from the other side.  Place a "want" ad in the newspaper or on Craigslist for knitting and crochet notions.  Even if you only do one or the other, people who have inherited someone's needlework materials don't always know the difference.  Ask  for what you need in your ad, including pattern books, patterns, stitch counters, etc.  You'll be contacted by folks who have what you need.


Wanda said...

HEY! I'm from Northridge, Cal. also and I was just online, too.
I like Knitting with Karma.

Patti said...

Those darning eggs are the neatest thing ever!!

Liz Marino said...

@Patti - I know! I love how beautiful the tools were in that period!