Saturday, November 19, 2011

Gift Knits Club details

We're getting close to the club going live.  (I'm hoping to post it Thanksgiving weekend.)  Each month, members will receive a kit with an original pattern, and premium yarns.  Membership will run Jan-June, and July - Dec.  Patterns will be appropriate for gift giving - i.e. home decor, hats, gloves, socks, mittens, scarves, purses, etc.   Each club pattern will be a club exclusive for 3 months after its publication to club members, and kits will not be availble to non-club members.  Club membership will be open for a limited time, until all slots are taken. 

Ruffles for Lisa
The most complicated part of all of this has been sourcing the yarn at good prices, and making sure it will be inspiring to club members.  I've got that pretty well nailed down, so I'm in the design phase now. The club membership price will be $27 per month, payable up front and covers yarn, original pattern, and shipping. For now, I plan to offer the club to North American shipping addresses only, due to huge pricing variations for shipping overseas.The first shipment will go out on January 15th. 

This is a club that some folks would give as a gift to other knitters, and that some would use themselves.  Which kind of member would you be?

This is the last forum on the subject that I plan to offer before making this club a reality.  Please express all preferences now to make sure I've got a good sense of what you want.  Don't wait for someone else to comment for you!  Do you want gender neutral or gender specific patterns?  Home decor?  Toys?  Children's stuff?  Do you have a type of yarn you really DON'T want to work with?  One that you DO?  Any feedback you can imagine is something I want to hear.  After all, this club is for you.  Thanks in advance. 


Sharon said...

Okay you asked the specifics, here we go.
1.Gender doesn't matter, bug the males in my life fl not have near ad much enthusiasm for nu craft ss the females
2.I really have zero interest in knitting toys -maybe they will change when Mg sons device I am worthy of grandchildren :)
3.home decor - not too many
4. When you say pay op front - is that monthly or a six month membership st once?
5. I love working with interesting yarns -haven't met one yet that I don't like.

Looking forward to this.

Deb said...

I agree no toys and easy on items for the home. I love the gender specific items and would love to see many kinds of yarns we might not normally see at our local yarn shop.

Nancy said...

Gender neutral is good; my husband loves to wear my knits, but my two grown sons have no interest. Personally, I knit lots for grandkids, but I understand that not everyone wants kids' knits. Mostly I knit for my daughters-in-law, myself, and women friends. I have no interest in knitted toys or stuff for the home. And I love all kinds of yarn, only please go easy on the fingering or sock weight yarns. I have way too much of that in my stash. I'm looking forward to seeing what you come up with!

CALosi said...

Gender specific and neutral are both good. I'm not so interested in decor, but the kitchen washcloth stuff IS interesting to me, wedding shower type gifts. I have never done color work, but would love to try it.

Just ready to try new things.

Liz Marino said...

Ladies, I've followed quite a bit of your advice. I hope you're pleased, and look forward to seeing your finished products from the Gift Knits Club! :)