Sunday, May 6, 2012

Lovely Freebie Shrug

The shrug at left is a very pretty, fairly uncomplicated piece that I would love to make in a spring palette.  I can see it in a sage green in silk and linen blend.  I'd love to see it in off white in a bamboo or tencel blend.  In the right colors and fibers, you could enjoy making this pattern for any season.

It gets even better!  It knits up on a US 9 needle, making it quick.  It has a 12 row pattern repeat, but all the even rows are purl rows, so it's really only 6 rows to remember.  It's knit cuff to cuff, which is a little unusual and will be fun if you always knit bottom up.  Go get it!   From our friends at Red Heart Yarns.  Open Front Shrug

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