Thursday, May 17, 2012

Stuff to do...

There's always knitting work to do.  It's usually fun work - it keeps me busy - but ultimately it is work.  It's important to do it well, and the details can become tedious.

1) Finish pattern for June Gift Knit Kit Club.  Get pattern to sample knitter.  Encourage sample knitter to finish on time.  She eats really healthy, so I can't bait her with M&Ms or doughnuts, which works for my kids.  I have to provide motivation, not incentive.

2) Create packets for classes in Wooster, OH on Memorial Day weekend.  LOTs of copies, collated into packets.

3) Finish Rhinebeck 2012 Mittens, move on to Rhinebeck 2012 Socks.  Get sock sample back from sample knitter; adjust pattern as necessary.

4) Finish up sample Rhinebeck 2012 Mittens.  Take pics and post on Ravelry KAL.  Keep posting KAL clues and support.

5) Create June kits, including yarn, instructions, etc.  Ship Gift Knit Kit Club kits for June.

6) Submit book proposal to publisher.  Now that original manuscript is where I want it, it's time to work with a publisher who's excited about it.

7) Respond to podcast guest request.  Unfortunately conflicts with a teaching date.  Maybe we can reschedule.

8) Write blog post.  Three times or more per week.  Original content.  Avoid writer's block.

9) Finish pattern design for Rhinebeck 2012 hat.  Begin swatching sample.

10) And so on.  And none of this includes knitting for fun, or designing for magazine deadlines, or managing contests and giveaways on my FB and Twitter pages.  Or my recent spate of making T-shirt yarns for placemats for my home.  Or writing new classes. 

I like my knitting life.  I'm surprised, now that knitting is my full-time life, that it keeps me busy so much more than full time!  As I tell my girlfriends, the BIG money is in folk music, but knitting is a close second.  OK, not really.  But with all this work to do, who has time for a straight job?

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