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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Updated Kit Projects

The original proposal for the Gift Knit Kit Club 2nd Edition was:

July: Easy Lacey Ladies' Socks
August: Coveted Mittens (Ladies)
September: Warming William Hat (men's)
October: Nordic Socks (men's or women's)
November: Alpine Heirloom Mittens (men's or women's)
December: Alpine Heirloom Ski Cap (men's or women's) [Will coordinate with November project]
After feedback on Twitter, Facebook, this blog, and email, I've learned that some of our members would like more warm weather projects, while others are happy to hear we'll be doing more wintry projects.  I'm trying to give everyone most of what they want, and of course that's a challenge.

The schedule has been amended:

July: Easy Lacey Ladies' Socks
August:  Alpine Heirloom Mittens (men's or women's)
September:  Alpine Heirloom Ski Cap (men's or women's)
October:  Holiday Stocking
November:  Special Occasion Placemats/table runner
December:  Cables and Lace Toe-up Socks

This should allow for more flexibility, in that only two projects are distinctly cold weather oriented.  People in all climates need socks, and Holiday Stockings and table runners look similar everywhere you go.  Let me know what you think.  I'd like to open the club in the next week or so.  Thanks!

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