Wednesday, September 4, 2013

3 Bags Full

The kids are back in school, which means the Lovely and Intrepid Colleen, Assistant Extraordinaire, is available to get back to work on what's important - paying attention to my knitting needs!  We met up at our usual Starbucks location, delighted to have no children in tow, and fewer limits on knitting and design time.

As I was packing up for this meeting, I collected no fewer than three bags full of Mountain Colors Yarn for us to discuss, and swatches for future designs.  Because my head is conclusively up my butt, I did not consider this strange at all.  I just walked into Starbucks, ordered, and then spread yarn across a large table for four.  There were only the two of us, but it was a lot of yarn.

The yarn attracted lots of attention.  People wanted to touch it, look at it, talk about knitting with it, learn where to buy it, learn when the patterns I'm designing will be available and where, etc.  The first woman visited with us for 20 minutes before mentioning that she had left her husband on the other side of the café, waiting for her.  One woman was in the process of conducting a job interview (I am not making this up) and abandoned her job candidate for the better part of ten minutes just to visit the yarn!

I took the yarn home and went on with my day yarn-free.  Sincerely, if I ever decide to run for office, I think I'll bring it with me everywhere I go.  It draws a relaxed and happy crowd.


Nancy said...

You should see what happens when I bring either my ball winder and swift,, or one of my spinning wheel's into my local Starbucks. Boy some of the looks I get then,,,,,

Kelley said...

Great story! Thanks for sharing!

Elisabeth Marino said...

Nancy, I believe your personality draws a crowd everywhere you go!