Saturday, September 7, 2013

A Change in the Weatther

The weather here in Buffalo NY is right on schedule.  Labor Day weekend brought daytime highs in the 60's F/low 20's C and lows in the 40s/single digits.  This tends to make two things happen in my mind: I crave heavier knitting projects and delight in the wools and tweeds that suddenly populate the knit shops, and I am thrilled with the sales!

It's a tough choice.  I tend to go stash diving at this time of year, and pull out some orphan yarn or some un-realized pattern, and then scour the shops looking for the answer to make these things whole.  Maybe my skein of mohair will mesh beautifully with some new silk/merino blend and become decadent gloves.  Maybe the pattern I can't get gauge on is just the thing for the linen yarn that's now on sale.  Maybe not.  The point is, I go in with a purpose or two, and find the process less overwhelming.  Otherwise, I want to take everything home. 

Another thing I find myself doing every year at this time is going through all my project bags and passing sentence: knit, purgatory (rarely), or rip.  I like to free up my needles.  Projects are no longer abandoned, but just gone.  Clearing the backlog feels good, no matter what the resolution.

I sort my needles, and make sure they're properly labeled and stored.  I sort my stash, and update and reorganize the labeling.  On rare occasions, I even update my inventories on Ravelry.  They are wonderful tools. 

This change in the weather is inspiring.  All of a sudden I have quite a bit of work to do!  If you need me, I'll be buried under my stash.

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