Saturday, December 11, 2010


A blogger I read found herself wondering why she is knitting herself mittens since she hates mittens and lives in the southern US.  I understand the question was rhetorical.  I don't understand questioning knitting motives.  Even so, I was grateful to spend a moment thinking about why knit.

Knitting transports us to a place where errors can be fixed and will never show, to places where effort yields beauty, where "when I'm finished with my row" is a reasonable measure of time.  I love that place.  That's enough for me.

I've been having some serious stress in my life lately, and knitting is a refuge.  Every knitting project makes me a better knitter, and eats away at myriad life stressors.  I think I would knit picture frame cozies (or doggie chew toys) if those were the only knitting option left to me. 

I have no babies, but make occassional baby things.  Not even as gifts.  I've made a couple and later sold them at the LYS just because I had the urge to make baby things.  I've made useless (but adorable) miniatures, single mittens while writing patterns, and sweaters for decidedly unchilly stuffed animals (not for kids, my own). 

I knit because I'm a knitter.  Anybody need a knitted iPod case?

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