Thursday, December 2, 2010

Tiny-footed Sock Model

Well, I found her!  A model with a tiny foot tried on my "girlfriend sock", and the verdict was negative.  The sock, though adorable, is too tight.  The modifications to the pattern have created an attractive but useless garment. Damn.  And so close to Christmas.  I still have to make two of them, and get them out to said girlfriend before the big day.  I guess this is where I pull up my big girl panties and frog my brains out.

It's painful, though. I was really happy to finally have gotten what was in my head into the sock, and now I have to go back to a standard pattern so that I can get them both done.  All the other knitting projects need to wait patiently, but right now I can hear them calling me with vigor.

Patience seems to be my eternal karmic task to learn and possess.  So far I suck at it.  After the temper tantrum I'm about to have, I'll make some dinner, and settle in to ripping out this sock.  I hope all of your knitting is going much more successfully.  :)

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