Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Hope for the Two-Color Brioche

It's a rare vacation week in Karma land, and I'm happy to report that the knitting is getting a little honeymoon.  No sandy beaches or candlelit dinners, but lots of devoted one on one time.  I'm knitting at least an hour every day, usually more.  The stash is getting sorted, the queue is getting organized, and they after-holiday yarn sales are being investigated.  The knitting friends are getting face time for the first time in weeks. And I've been entering fiber articles to the Fast Fiber Facts at a rate of about one every two days.  Woo hoo!

The most exciting part of my knitting honeymoon is that today I am lunching with a knitting friend capable of the magical witchcraft called two-color brioche stitch.  I am hoping to exact a promise from her to teach me this wondrous craft, as I have chosen two patterns and purchased the yarns to complete them.  I just lack the skill.  (I hope you can stand the sucking up!  I think she reads the blog pretty regularly and I'm hoping she'll take pity on me.)

In the Karma column, my life task of learning patience and spreading peace is getting tested several times a day lately.  The dog has gotten off leash three times in the last week, resulting in an unexpected tour of the neighborhood for me while I collect him.  The "service" part of my day job has lately consisted of telling people why they won't be getting their money back.  And my teen children think that just because they're on vacation from school they should be on vacation from all responsible behavior.  (Um, no.)  Staying calm and effective is harder than usual.  But inch by inch, row by row, knitting reminds me that the surrounding emotions come and go - the work remains.  If I do the work properly, I will have created something.  Soon it might be something in a reversible two-color brioche stitch!  For today, a well sorted stash and progress on a pair of socks.

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