Thursday, December 16, 2010

Thank You, Makers of Lysol

My dear friend Colleen has been sick for the last week or so.  Though she's mostly miserable, she is "getting a lot of knitting done."  Really?  While I applauded her incentive to make the most of her down time, I couldn't help remembering the blankets donated to the native Americans by the pilgrims.  You remember - the ones contaminated with Scarlett Fever?

Well, of course I was too hasty in my teasing of my friend.  As it turns out, I have had pneumonia for a couple of weeks now, and have NO intention of ripping out all the gift knitting I've done on that time.  Christmas will not give me more time just because I'm ill.  (Dammit.)

I have come up with an awkward but effective solution.  I can saturate my knits in LYSOL!  And it imparts a somewhat seasonal pine-y smell, too.  It kills everything, right? 

Another recommendation I've received is to just give the gifts as they are, and use the excuse that I'm a little muddled on cold meds.

From yet another friend, "Give these things to people you really don't like, and then they can get really sick."  This was followed by an evil grin...  Somewhat tempting, but leaving me giftless for the original intended recipients.

I'm going with the Lysol.  Now that I'm on the antibiotics, I'm no longer contagious.  If I decontaminate the knitting, we're gold.  I think.  Gosh, I hope so.

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MissColleen said...

OH NO!!! It got worse over here,too... it turns out that a certain little princess has Fifth's Disease :( Don't worry, she's fine, it's just something else to add to the list!