Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Sock Stress

Last night I finished sock one of the Girlfriend Socks (aka surprisingly tiny feet), and have some serious doubts.  The pattern is a huge modification to a pattern I already had.  Looking at the finished sock, the proportions look very odd.  The sole is slip-stitched to add a little cushioning, and the top is ribbed.  Both of those things contract the work.  But my finished sock looks like it would fit a Wii remote much better than a human foot.  The circumference is tiny!  I can expand it with my hand, but wonder if it will be too tight.  I can't try it on, because there is no way my size 9.5 feet will fit in the "tiny feet" sock. 

I've looked up a couple of shoe size/sock measurement conversion charts, and it's not consistent.  I'm either right on the money or off by about an inch in functional circumference.  I'd really like to know for sure so I can either rip this one back or start sock two. What is a knitting maven to do?  I'll let you know as soon as I do.


Anonymous said...

Do you know of a teenager or child with the right size feet you could "borrow" for size confirmation? When I made gloves for my tiny daughter I went through work searching out someone with tiny hands. Yeah, they looked at me funny but were happy to help. I have no doubt you did the right size.

Liz Marino said...

:) I hope so. My quest for a tiny-footed sock model goes on.