Thursday, November 4, 2010

Knitting as Art

My friend Colleen sent me this link this morning. "Transcending the Material"  It's amazing what this man (yes, MAN) has designed and knitted!  Please click, and scroll through the photos. 

Another amazing knitting artist is Jan Messent.  She has written about a dozen books on knitted art projects, as well as another 2 dozen on other forms of needlework. Check her out at Amazon or Barnes and Noble.

A Ferrari, full sized, was designed by Lauren Porter. She submitted this as her final project at Bath Spa University for an arts degree.

There are thousands of knit artists out there, and doing truly amazing work.  There's a woman knitting DNA strands, one who has knit the major organs of the body, several who have knit sweaters for public sculptures and trees, and even one giant knit spider web. 

Knitting a beautiful garment or blanket is an art in itself. Outside-the-box knitting, as seen here, definitely isn't for everyone.  The true capacities of this craft never cease to amaze me, though.  There is always more to learn about design, construction, technique, and discipline.  As you become aware of other great knit artists, please let us know.  We'll be happy to show you more pictures!

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