Wednesday, November 24, 2010


I have conquered sock one of the holiday gift socks for the friend with surprisingly tiny feet.  I couldn't find the exact pattern I wanted, so I'm making a variation of one that I have and then adding the changes I want.  After no fewer than 7 attempts, the heel and sole are right where I want them and I'm steaming along toward sock two.  I hope I've made enough notes and accurate enough notes that I can successfully complete a sock two! Woo Hoo!

On a holiday note, I've been taking advantage of some quiet time at home this Thanksgiving week to get some heavy chores done, which means many trips to the basement.  Today, after one visit to the basement, I heard the dog whining (just a little).  I looked around, and he was closed in the basement.  Where his food is.  Where half of his food is.  The other half is in his tummy.  I can tell by the strange bulge in his abdomen (and the fact that the bag is a lot lighter). Max got his Thanksgiving feast a day early and without having to cook.  Genius!


MissColleen said...

Between your socks and my legwarmers, maybe we should just plan to restart every project seven times! And I must say I'm impressed with Max's radar... he seems to know to gorge himself whenever a holiday comes around ;)

Liz Marino said...

It's a sickness more than a talent. It's a little OCD for my taste. I can't imagine eating until I'm misshapen. OUCH! Have fun today!