Monday, November 22, 2010

Mean People Suck

I spent the afternoon at Karma yesterday, and was the designated Knit Doctor. A customer came in with a small problem and a big attitude.  Angry Customer was angry about an error my free pattern in the newsletter.  Angry about the correction I published a week later.  She had started tha pattern, had made some mistakes not related to my error.  She wanted me to rip back and re-knit the 18 rows.  (I didn't.)  She explained to me I was "foolish" to have made any mistakes, and that I shouldn't publish original patterns.  I should copy other patterns and cut and paste them into the newsletter.  (???)

I'm sure this balanced the universe in some way, but I wish I knew how. (Pride and curiosity are two of my Karmic tasks to overcome.) I didn't take the bait and argue, though I was tempted.  ("Foolish"?)  I said, "I sincerely and deeply apologize for any trouble my error has caused you."  I meant it.  If a mistake in a pattern can cause this sort of vitriol and condescension to be spewed into the world, I hope I never make another error!

Later, a Mother-Daughter came with yarn from a dear and deceased grandmother, and wanted to work her yarn into their projects to commemorate her.  They were confused and happy, asking answerless questions. "I lost the pattern, started this project a year ago, and wonder what to do next.  I think it was gloves.  Or mittens.  How can I finish them?"  It was hard to meet their needs, but they were happy.  What a contrast to Angry Customer. 

On reflection,  I hope Karma Knitting offers Angry Customer some peace in her life.  I hope Mother-Daughter gets satisfaction out of their commemoration project.  And I'm really glad that Angry Customer was gone before Mother-Daughter came in.  It would have ruined their lovely gesture of respect.

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