Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Little Red Car

This is a guest piece from my childhood friend Christina Anderson Barnhill.  She's creative, able, and more than a little feisty (as I recall), and not one to take "no" for an answer.  It sounds like her son is following in her footsteps!  (On this car, I LOVE the little wipers!)

"I was looking for something to make for Matthew (girls are so much easier to crochet for) because he saw me making stuff for his sister and was feeling left out. His brother, Ed, has a red Camaro and Matthew wanted a red car too. I made up the pattern as I went along. The wheels sort of match the wheels of the Camaro. After I finished it I realized it has no roof. Oh well, Ed's car has T-tops and so does Matthew's.

Matthew is very specific when he asks for something. I offered to make him a hat and he told me he wanted it orange with a red stripe, with red fish swimming around it and a sea anemone on the front. We ended up designing a coral reef pillow. I haven't done it yet but I have the notes for it. I made him a scarf to his specs once. I didn't think it would look right but it came out cute. He is my little designer, next month he will be 7."

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