Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Stag Leap Square

I made this pattern for the Square of the Month for my LYS Newsletter.  I will be sharing these graphs as I make them.  They are all 38 stitches by 50 rows. The idea is that as you choose to make them, if they all match they can be the front and back of a pillow or purse, or squares in a blanket or throw.  They take size 7 needles with worsted yarn, or size 5 needles with Dk.  Worsted makes an 8x8 square.  This work is copyrighted.  Please do not reproduce without credit, and a link to this blog.  Thank you!

Grey cells = knit on RS, purl on WS
White cells = purl on RS, knit on WS
©Elisabeth Marino 2010.  All rights reserved.

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