Thursday, December 1, 2011

Designing Around the Puppy

10 days ago, I picked up a puppy whose owner has become disabled and unable to train her.  She's 11 months old, and wasn't trained at all.  At all.  She is a beautiful English Setter from a top show line, with lots of fluffy soft fur and the elegance that goes with the breed.  Her name is Rosa.

She also bounces off everything - walls, floor, people, kids, adults, trees... She has boundless energy, and boundless curiosity about the world I've brought her into.  She's adorable and goofy, and constant work. 

Rosa also loves to eat my yarn.  Any yarn.  She picks up the skein, prances around the house for a few minutes playing keep-away-from-Elisabeth, and then tries to eat it.  I understand a love of yarn, but I don't think much of this eating it behavior.  I'm trying to design and test knit patterns for the Gift Knits Kit Club, and Rosa keeps trying to lick the project or make off with the yarn.  Talk about adverse working conditions!  I'm tempted to picket, but it is my house after all. 

There's an upside.  My dear friend Cecile has loaned me her swift and ball winder, so at least I'm not trying to ball yarn for projects on top of everything.  These tools are addictive!  It's amazing how quickly the balls get made.  I've always made my hanks into balls the old fashioned way - I hand-wound them.  This is so cool.

Did I mention?  Now Rosa wants to eat the swift, too.

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Sharon said...

When our dog was a puppy three yeas ago, she actually ate my bamboo needles - out of the blanket that was cast on them! I was not amused to say the least. She played with yarn so much we thought she might have been half cat! Good luck - make sure you put it all away even it you walk away for a "second".