Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Life Without the Puppy

NatureSong Marino
Rosa puppy went back home to her family on Sunday, leaving the Marino household back in its usual mellow groove.  It was great and challenging to have her, and it's great that she left.  Rosa loved to eat my furniture and my yarn and my toes.  Knitting now without having to stop and manage the puppy every few minutes is refreshingly efficient.

My own dog, Max, doesn't seem to miss her at all.  He'll be 6 years old soon, and he is much more the elder statesman and much less the wrestling partner he was expected to be for the last two weeks.  He doesn't seem to miss his house guest at all, enjoying no sharing of his toys or his doggie bed.  He seems to think that all the time I used to spend managing Rosa should now be spent on rubbing his belly. 

Variety of Mountain Colors Sock Yarns
In other news, the yarn for the Gift Knits Kit Club's first piece has been custom-dyed, and is on its way to me.  I can't wait to see it!  Now I'm working on the yarn for the Snuggly Socks for the February kits.  It's a tough choice, and I'm really enjoying playing with large amounts of sock yarn.  All this test knitting makes me want to knit a whole pair with every single yarn!

Do you have a favorite heavier sock yarn?  Something I should be considering?  Let me know.  Thanks!

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