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Friday, December 9, 2011

Gift Knits Kit Gloves Are Finished!

I've finished the sample for the Gift Knits Kit Club January kit, the Gloves!  I love them.  I made the sample in a small/medium, which is what I always do, and now I wish I'd made a large (my size)!  I always end up wanting at least one of every pattern, and at this point I should know better.  They can be made on straights or circs, and they're really pretty, if I do say so myself. 

This minor miracle of finishing the gloves coincides with the first snowfall of the year that stuck to the ground.  For the first time this season it really looks like Christmas is coming to Buffalo.

Yesterday I replaced my 15 yr old winter jacket, and my 8 yr old boots.  Is it coincidence that they both happen to coordinate nicely with the gloves?  It's hard to say.  Sometimes the subconscious sends a message.  Sometimes you just buy the stuff that's available in your size, no matter what the color scheme.  Sometimes I really overthink things.  Ok, often I really overthink things.

I'm so excited about this club!  I'm happy about the socks for February, and the bag for March.  Looking through all the yarns for these projects, making the selections, working out patterns...  I hope you have as much fun with this as I do!  If you're not already a member, join us.  There are a few spots left. 

Gift Knits Kit Club


Sharon said...

saying a prayer my car repairs are cheap so I can get in on the club this go round! if not I will do the July/December series!

Sharon said...
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MissColleen said...

I can make the larger size and trade you if you want...

Liz Marino said...

I like you better all the time, Colleen!