Sunday, January 8, 2012

The Great Lakes Fiber Show, May of 2012, has scheduled 2 of my workshops for their show!  They're in Wooster, Ohio, which is within 5 hours of lots of the eastern midwest.  I'm teaching my Mitten class, about knitting and designing mittens, and Adapting and Adjusting Patterns.  AAP is about making the changes you want to the pattern you have.  Need to use a different yarn?  Wonder how to estimate yarn yardage?  Gauge off by a tiny bit?  Need a size they didn't list?  Want to change a design element or two?  This class covers the basics of making these changes. 

Until the schedule is published on the site, it is still in flux, but at the moment I will have one class Saturday (Mittens) and one on Sunday (AAP).  This is the first show to put specific dates to classes, so mark your calendars!

If Wooster, OH is farther than you want to drive, make sure to lobby your local show to invite me to teach closer to your home.  My contact info is on this site.  If your show currently has a call for instructors out and you want to make sure I apply, please bring it to my attention here.  I can't wait!!!

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Susan Jones (CLBCQ on Ravelry) said...

Oh, how exciting! I live in Wooster and LOVE LOVE LOVE this show... of course, I may be biased! I'll look forward to meeting you there!