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Friday, January 13, 2012

Slouchy hat day

The weather in Buffalo stinks today.  It's cold (wind chill around 4) and snowing positively sideways.  As you might imagine, this weather is just the thing to make a girl feel creative about her knitwear. 

In an ideal world, knitwear would help cut the wind on a day like this.  Even the best felting I've ever done wouldn't stand up to these 50mph winds, so I've decided to forgive the felting, and just go for cuddly.  I'm a big fan of alpaca, and I happen to have a lot of different colors hanging around right now.  So this little mountain of alpaca is going to be my project du jour.

I never did jump onto the "big and chunky" bandwagon, but I think today is the day to start.  I'm hoping to post a picture of a slouchy cozy hat tomorrow or Sunday.  I have about a thousand other things to do today, so I'll be looking forward to knitting tonight for the rest of the day!

Does the weather of the day influence what you choose to knit or design?  Or due you knit the next object in your queue?


Nancy said...

I flew into New York City today, knowing that the weather was going to be blustery, so I spent my time on the plane knitting a soft and snug Kochoran cowl to wear over the weekend here.

Liz Marino said...

Love it! Still crazy busy, but think te hat will be finished at the end of the day if I just keep my head down and get through the "have to" stuff quickly...

CALosi said...

I try to be monogamous, (well with like 4 at a time), but, OOOO Shiney! It usually is something I hear about in a podcast, read about in a blog (hmmm Slouchy hat?), or see posted in Ravelry.