Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Snuggly Sock Preview

I know!  Gorgeous work knit by the magical and intrepid Colleen, Wonder Assistant.  She always makes my patterns look good.  (That's Colleen's foot in the photo.  Unless you're looking at this on your phone, it's probably close to actual size.  Her feet are tiny!)

This is the Gift Knit Kit Club pattern for February, Snuggly Socks.  Sized for both men and women, it is made from the incomparable Mountain Colors Yarn, Crazyfoot.  It's a very cozy sock in colors that can only come from Mountain Colors.  I love the way they blend!  It's an easy knit, but due to the yarn and the pattern, looks harder than it is.  It will definitely elicit comments of, "I can't believe you made these!"  If you choose to give them away, be sure to make another pair for yourself.

More beautiful Mountain Colors yarn in
in my Elk Mittens pattern.
I'd like to shout out once again to the lovely ladies at Mountain Colors, led by founders Leslie Taylor and Diane McKay.  It is a nearly all female workforce, and every part of the process at Mountain Colors is done by hand.  (I know.  I've been there and seen it myself.)  The yarns are terrific quality, and the colors take my breath away.  Thanks for all you do.

Like last month's gloves, the yarn alone for the socks costs more than the club members are paying for the yarn and the pattern,  (In my LYS, $26 plus tax for the yarn vs. $26 no tax for the club) and it gets delivered right to your door.  How cool is that?

Wishing you could get the pattern for yourself?  All club patterns will be released for sale 90 days after the club members recieve their kits.  Just wishing you could have the yarn? (I'm only slightly offended.)  Call your LYS and see if they carry it, as the colorways are truly magical in person.  They are available on line (at somewhat discounted prices) through Paradise Fibers.  Seriously, though, check the LYS first.  No computer monitor can show you these colors like they really look.  And we need to support our local knitting communities.


f1bercat said...

The yarn and pattern for my gloves has finally arrived (we had snow and an ice storm last week) and I can't wait to start!

Liz Marino said...

Have a ball! It sounds like with your weather you can't finish them soon enough!

Sharon said...

can't wait for the socks. started my gloves last night. found an error. ripped it and restarted while "working" today. am on the thumb gusset now! Love the feel of the yarn in my hands - it is a dreamy yarn to work with!!!!

Elizabeth D said...

Are the elk mittens a pattern for the club? Or is the pattern already available somewhere? Love them -- please let me know.

Liz Marino said...

Thanks for the compliment! The Elk Mittens are for Mountain Colors Yarn. I haven't seen them pop up on the website yet, but if you write to them via, they can tell you how to purchase the pattern.