Thursday, March 29, 2012

Birthday Knitting

It's my birthday today, and I would love to spend the day knee deep in fibery fun.  That's not going to happen.  Instead, life keeps showing up.  Meetings, chores, taking my daughter to the doctor - all of these things are on the list.  Knitting?  We'll see.  So instead, I'm having a fantasy birthday here on the blog. 

First, I would have a lazy breakfast with Elizabeth Zimmerman and Barbara Walker, who would bestow knitting wisdom peppered with witty anecdotes of years of knitting, teaching and publishing.  (This is my fantasy birthday, so I'm dreaming big.)  They would be wearing sweaters of styles they made famous, and the craftsmanship would be inspiring.  Just as breakfast winds down, they would each give me a gift they had knit to celebrate the occasion, and I would be moved and thrilled.  I'd take my decaf with double soy to go, and head off to the LYS.

Karma Knitting is my LYS, and it would be chock-a-block with people I love, all knitting interesting projects.  New, irresistible yarns would line the shelves, and inspire a ridiculous spate of new design projects.  I wouldn't spill my coffee on any of the new yarns, and would cast on some toe-up socks in a silky cotton blend.  Before I left, I would indulge my fondness for addi Turbos and round out my collection of circs. 

Jill Draper
Lunch would be outside, with Colleen the intrepid and magical assistant, Jill Draper the dyer and designer extraordinaire (whom I've met and really like), Melissa Leapman the designer and author (whom I haven't met and really like), and my goofy dog, Max.  The picnic would include light vegetarian faire, a little wine, and plenty of fetch with Max.  The knitting would come after lunch, under a tree on the picnic blanket.  We'd all discuss our current projects, and make plans to meet up at the various events where all of us are teaching.  Melissa would tell me that her publisher wants to publish my next book. (I'll remind you, this is a fantasy!)

Tailor Statue in Toronto's Garment District

The mid-afternoon would be held in Toronto (very close to Buffalo, NY), and I would bop in and out of Lettuce Knit and Romni Wools, building on my design ideas from the morning.  I'd wander the garment district a bit and see what the young and interesting are wearing, and then settle in a sidewalk cafe and sketch over more coffee as the city wanders by.  Stephanie Pearl-McPhee would walk up, and recognize me from my blog.  (It's a fantasy, remember.) "I've been wanting to meet you!"  she'll say, and we'll strike up a conversation.  She'd be even more delightful and grounded in person, and it would be lovely.  She'll tell me about a cool yarn bomber she knows, and show me pictures on her phone.  We'll decide to yarn bomb the bronze tailor statue in the garment district, and put hat, gloves, and scarf on him.

Now, because this is a fantasy, I'll arrive at the ballpark just in time for the Toronto Blue Jays to take on my beloved Red Sox. My family will be there, and we'll have terrific seats.  My birthday will be announced over the PA system, and I will be embarrassed. Over a beer and a couple of hot dogs, the Sox will win in a close game.  The Jays will vow to get
'em next time.  I'll drive back to Buffalo enjoying the city lights of Toronto, the view across the lake, and arriving home.

Happy my birthday, every body!  I hope it was a good one!

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