Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Knitter's Elbow Update

My left elbow still hurts like a sucker.  It's far better than it was when I injured it originally, two months ago, but still hurts in most positions.  I'm beginning to think there's a trip to the doctor in order.  A quick recap:

I moved across town, and while moving a mattress with my 17yr old daughter, injured my left elbow.

Nausea-inducing pain arrived 24 hours later, and it was nearly impossible to find a comfortable position.  Naturally, I finished the move anyway.

Once in the new place, I started babying my arm by keeping it in a sling.  This seemed to be the only position guaranteed to induce constant pain.  I abandoned this sling thing after three days.

I waited around for doing nothing about my injury to be enough for it to heal.  I did this for about three weeks.  This was not successful in any way.

I got religious about not using my left arm for any purpose, and began icing 1-2 times per day. 

After about ten days of the above, it started feeling better.  Naturally, I started using it again, "only a little".  This is because I am, at least in part, a total idiot.

About ten days into using it "only a little" it's back to hurting nearly all the time.  I carefully avoid any significant weight bearing with it, I don't drive with it, and I've only knit twice in the last month, but just incidental use (putting on a bra, answering the phone, cooking, washing a pot) is kicking my butt.

I'm going to try keeping it Ace-wrapped all of my waking hours.  Maybe the distraction of it being immobilized at the elbow will be enough to remind me not to use it for even incidental activities.  If not, off to the doc.  It's tough, though.  Have you ever tried to wash the pots from dinner one-handed?  Or cook from scratch?  Or put on pantyhose?  I swear, making a how-to video on life with one functioning arm might be a very profitable venture.  I'll get on it just as soon as I figure out how to get anything done.


Anonymous said...

I have watched my gf go through the same thing...only with both arms!!! I feel so bad for you!

Elisabeth Marino said...

Thanks. I'm icing and wearing an Ace wrap, and hoping for the best. If the MD says I can recover without surgery, I definitely want to go that route. I appreciate the moral support, and hope your girlfriend is on the mend!

Christine said...

Oh that sounds terrible. After all this time a doctor's visit does sound the only way. Maybe it will not go to surgery, just physio.

Hope you get it sorted out soon.

Pauline said...

Liz - enough waiting around for self-heel (or self-arm to be more precise)...go to a doctor, have it x-rayed and proceed from there.
....either PT, pills, or more directed home remedies should take care of it! Good Luck.