Monday, March 12, 2012

Spring Yarn Shopping Ideas

Spring is trying to take hold in the Northeast, and succeeding about 2/3 of the time.   Since it was 65 degrees and sunny just a couple of days ago, and will be again in a day or two, I've been digging through the wardrobe looking for appropriate clothes for the season.  Not so successfully.

Like any good knitter, it's time to go off to the LYS.  Bulkier yarns in cotton, silk and linen seemed like the order of the day.  Luna by Cascade Yarns, in cotton, is one of the few I saw that color for color matches up with the Pantone Spring Color Report.  It's a light worsted, but traps a lot of air because of its slight texture.  Plus, it comes at a very workable price, and is frequently featured on sale.  I was delighted, as I want to knit something that works with my current wardrobe but also steps "fashion forward" a little bit.  It's a yarn that could make pretty spring things, or transitional pieces that would work from Spring into Fall and Fall into Spring.  It knits up beautifully, washes like a dream, and in two years of wear in one garment, hasn't pilled or changed shape.  Cool.  Put some in the basket.  Maybe make one of these...  

A yarn with dreamy texture and good hand at a moderate price point is Katydid, by Classic Elite's Verde line.  It's a cotton "tape" yarn that is impressively soft for its amazing durability.  It hold is color well, is easy to knit, and creates a slightly textured fabric.  That's very on trend.  It scores very well on every critic's review, and yet is often found on BIG sale.  It can be worked as a heavy worsted up to a bulky.  This yarn also comes in lovely colors on the Pantone chart as well as closely related colors.  A little texture in every piece is huge for spring and fall 2012.  Toss 'em in the basket.

Flying in the face of "trendy" is the incredibly classic "Provence" from Classic Elite.  If you're looking for that perfect New England twin set yarn that feals like a liquid breeze, look no farther.  It's a solid DK weight, and it's mercerized cotton, so minimal shrinkage!  You can easily find every color in the 2012 palette, but you can find all your classic favorites, too.  This is especially helpful when your intended recipient isn't an edgy fashionista.  If you have a classic or retro wardrobe, you'll find what you need here, and you'll adore working with and wearing it.  Yep, I'll take 10.

Last but not least, Karabella Lace Merino Silk.  Lovely, whisper soft colors, a gorgeous hand, and strong.  If you're going to take the time to knit lace, you want it to stand up to the little inevitable pulls and snags.  The twist is high enough for durability but loose enough for just a little bit of halo.  And the merino adds some nice warmth to a very lightweight yarn.

I hope these musings help you in your spring shopping.  Knit well and quickly.  Spring is close!

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f1bercat said...

Thanks for the link to the color report. I've never seen that before. And also, for the summer yarn suggestions. Tempting, tempting, tempting...