Sunday, March 18, 2012

Knittted Noah's Ark - More Toys!

In keeping with my recent apologetic post about great knitted toys, I offer this.  From the brilliant and creative mind of Fiona Goble comes another knitting classic, Noah's Knits.  She's the inventor and author of Knit Your Own Royal Wedding, with the incomparable knitted Queen Elizabeth and her corgis, and the precious Archbishop of Canterbury.  So many people have found these patterns addictive that the knitted corgis have popped up in knit shop windows all over America, as well.
Now there is the Noah story, and yes, the animals come two by two.  There are lions and tigers and bears (oh my!), but I'm a sucker for the knitted alligators.  And the giraffes and penguins are the most adorable I've ever seen.  There are 16 projects in all, and though you personally may not be a fan of the creationist story, these animals will delight any child.

Love the designs you've seen here?  Check out her other books, Knitivity, The Twelve Knits of Christmas, plus several titles in the sewing realm.

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