Thursday, June 14, 2012

Effiloche, Montreal Que - Free Pattern

Great Pricing on Cashmere!
As I mentioned previously, I was lucky enough to spend a few days in Montreal recently.  Although it wasn't exclusively a knitting trip, I can't imagine visiting a city and skipping a yarn tour, so I tried to fit in a few.

I'll be honest - like so many things in my life, finding Effiloche (French for tattered, frayed, unraveling) was an accident.  My DH looked up a few knitting stores on his iPad, and had me hold the iPad map navigating to him where to go.  At some point I got confused over which little red dot was which, and we ended up at the "wrong" shop.  A professional photographer, he insisted we stop anyway as it is across the street from a camera store.  And into Effiloche I went.

Celine, Julie, and Ginette
They are located in a very Francophone part of town, and are off the tourism track, so I expected everything to be in French, including the conversation.  I'm delighted to tell you that everyone speaks English well, too, so if your French is poor or non-existent, you and the staff will understand each other.  The owner, Ginette's English was perfect! 

Zephyr Sweater
The shop is devoted to a broad base of needle arts, with sewing, embroidery, and knitting  supplies, and lessons are available.  Sewing and knitting supplies are displayed together, which is more charming and less confusing than you might think.  There is a cozy "circle" of couches and furniture to sit and work while socializing and learning.  Many yarn manufacturers were available, and I was surprised to see how good the prices were!  (Montreal is not an inexpensive city.  Not as bad as NYC, but not usually known for bargains, either.)  The everyday prices were attractive, and the sale prices were excellent.  I shopped happily and without guilt.  As is always the case with me, I wanted things I couldn't find, and Ginette guided me around until I had collected all I needed.
Cute Baby Pants!

The women were remarkably personable, the designs represented throughout the store were beautiful (primarily Celine's), and the knitted samples beautifully executed.  I was particularly taken with their consistent ability to match the perfect yarn to a project, so that sample by sample, I didn't imagine making the pattern any other way.  We were offered beverages, cookies, gluten-free foods, and serene smiles.  Click here for the link to the free pattern for the Zephyr Sweater  above.  (Thanks, Celine!)

If you visit Montreal, drop in.  (Not Monday, as they are closed, like many shops and boutiques in the city.)  I'll definitely be back.

Me, Celine, Julie, and Ginette

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