Sunday, June 17, 2012

Espace Tricot, Montreal Que - Free Pattern

When I first Tweeted that I was looking for recommendations of knitting shops to visit in Montreal, one answer far out-tweeted the others.  "Espace Tricot" or "Well, of course, Espace Tricot" came up again and again.  Who am I to argue with overwhelming public opinion?

We found our way to the shop on our way out of town.  It's the opposite of Effiloche (see previous post) in many ways.  Where Effiloche is a shop for all needle crafts, Espace Tricot is laser-focused on knitting.  Where Effiloche is large, with casual displays, Espace Tricot is small, with very neat and organized displays.  Espace Tricot is in a new building, full of light, and on a second floor. (See website and blog here.)

Friends and co-owners Melissa and Lisa have done an amazing job of creating a shop welcoming to knitters of every level.  As a person living in a small apartment, I was very impressed with how efficiently and thoroughly the space was utilized.  Yarns, books and notions were laid out in an attractive way that was easy to shop. They had everything a knitter would need, and a variety of price-points was represented, with quality being universally high.

One thing Maggie (staff member) explained to me with emphasis was the pride with which they represent Canadian yarns.  Americans will be well familiar with Koigu, the extraordinary sock-weight yarns, but there are other wonderful Canadian brands to be had.  I found this emphasis endearing, and the yarns to be truly stunning.  (A personal new favorite is a silk cashmere blend from Tanis Fiber Arts.  How did I miss that up to now?)

The knitted samples throughout the store are beautiful.  Although Lisa was busy with customers during my whole visit, I was able to have a few moments with Melissa.  What a lovely person!  She's full of energy and ideas.  She was also very open and patient with the DH walking around taking photos of everything.

As Maggie (a very pleasant and helpful staff member) was packing up my purchases, Melissa showed me one of the original designs available on their blog.  It was a lovely and cozy striped chevron blanket in Cascade Eco Cloud.  It's really cool, but then they showed me the Missoni-Inspired Scarf.   It's a colorful combination Colleen, color-embracing assistant and I (more traditional color palette) can both love!  My queue lengthens, again.

Go to Montreal.  Visit Espace Tricot.  I completely understand why it's Montreal's most recommended.  You will, too.


Maryse said...

I only went twice so far but both times, it was a wonderful experience and I look forward to going again! Very good review!

Helen said...

this is my favourite wool shop:)