Monday, June 25, 2012

Fiona Goble

About two months ago, I sent an email to Fional Goble.  She didn't know me at all, we've never corresponded before, but I went out on a limb.  I let her know I love her designs and books, and that my readers feel the same way.  I also mentioned that I'd love to do a giveaway of her recent and upcoming books. And she wrote back!  After a little back and forth, we got it all settled, and a stack of books arrived on my doorstep!  The folks at her US publisher, Andrews McMeel Universal, were terrific and supportive.  So now, allow me to more formally introduce you to the work of Fiona Goble.

Ms. Goble's writing style includes a bit of story, and a lot of patterning.  Noah's Knits tells the Noah story in an accessible way for crafty moms and dads to interact with their children.  It includes patterns for 14 pairs of animals, and of course Mr. and Mrs. Noah, all of whom fit nicely in the book's fold-out ark. Each animal has a little fact-filled explanation of their look and their natural habitat, making them a terrific hands-on learning experience for little ones. We have copies to give away, and I can't wait to hear what you think of this book! 

Ms. Goble's book, Fairy Tale Knits is my current favorite of her books.  It tells 6 classic fairy tales, and shows how to make all of the important characters come alive through knitting.  All of her instructions are clear and simple, which I think will boost the confidence of knitters of every level.  This book truly doubles as both a story book and crafting guide, and the toys are adorable.  I have a big crush on Hansel, from Hansel and Gretel, as he's just like I pictured him in my childhood.  And yes, we're giving them away.  (We started last week!) This book isn't available until August for the general public, but we're giving more away this week!

For folks who like to knit ahead to prepare for an occasion, there's The Twelve Knits of Christmas.  All of the characters from the song are represented in do-able patterns.  To knit every character in the correct multiple from the song means knitting 76 toys in total, so a head start is probably necessary even for the quickest knitter!  The swans and milkmaids can also be substituted for characters from The Ugly Duckling and Little Miss Muffett, and the Lords a Leaping can easily stand in for a King as needed.  And yes, we're giving them away this week, too.

All of these books will help you create a bevy of characters to decorate your home, create playthings for the children in your life, and surprise your friends.  The hard part will be deciding what critter or character to make first.  Can't wait to win a giveaway?  All of her US titles are available through Barnes and Noble and Amazon.  Enjoy!


neilsnana said...

The three books all look adorable but I would really like to see the Twelve knits of Christmas

DJdeeKnits said...

I have never heard of her before but her books look very interesting. Thanks for showing them to us!!!

Dorothy said...

Those look super cool!!!!