Monday, October 15, 2012

I Wish I Were About to Brag About My Coolness

I've just gotten home from 4 days in Ontario.  I taught 6 classes over 2 festivals.   It rained most of every day.  I'm not a person who has a good sense of direction inside buildings or outside on cloudy or rainy days.  I need to see the sun, and figure it out from there.

I arrived in Toronto at 2, and was amazed by the amount of construction going on, and the traffic was heavy.  I pulled up in front of the hotel, and started to unload.  I went inside, and the desk clerk told me there was no parking at the hotel, but there was some 4 blocks away.  I drove to the suggested parking lot, and noted that it said, among other things, that it was parking for the Metro Toronto Convention Center.  "Great" I thought, because the MTCC is where I was supposed to teach later in the day.  I walked to the elevator from my car, and ended up deposited in a lobby I didn't recognize.  I stopped at the information desk, asked directions to my hotel (I was all turned around from driving around in the parking deck.)  I was given bad directions, and walked 6 blocks in the wrong direction, still in the rain. 

When I finally checked into the hotel, I decided I should go to the MTCC to get my classroom set up.  The MTCC is the largest non-sports arena building I've ever been in.  It's over 5 city blocks!  I entered at the far end from my class.  5 blocks and 8 floors later, I found my classroom.  I signed in, got my official materials, and then it was time to set up my room.  I asked the Workshop Coordinator where the parking deck was.  "Which one?"

Um, -?  "I parked in a deck that said it was parking for the MTCC.  I assumed it was connected to the building.  Where is that one?"

"Well, there are several for the MTCC.  What street was it on?"

I had no idea.  Because of the rain and the lost, all I could remember was wet pavement and the inside of my umbrella. 

In the North building (I was in the South) I remembered there was a concierge.   I thought maybe he would have a map.  I walked 5 blocks indoors back to the concierge.  After 5 minutes and 2 maps, we figured out that I was parked 3 blocks away.  Back out into the rain. 

I got back to the car, drove to the garage, and parked.  I taught my class, walked back to the hotel in the rain, and started again the next morning.

During the lunch hour, I needed to get back to my car.  I asked how to get to the parking deck.  I went down and looked for my car.  I walked the whole deck twice.  No car.  As it turns out, there are two parking decks under the building, and I was parked in the other one.  The security guard tells me that I can't get to the other garage from inside this garage.  I walked outside 3 more blocks in the rain.

I got to the other garage and found my car.  It turns out I was parked directly under my classroom, and that I had gone the extremely long way to class yesterday.  Oh well.  I guess I got my cardio in!

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