Saturday, October 27, 2012

What to Knit Holiday 2012 2 - Scarves

If your holiday knitting includes scarves, you're not the only one.  How do you make a scarf special?  Choose the right pattern for your recipient, and choose the right yarn for your pattern.  All patterns are free, and photos are from

This kerchief, called the Age of Brass and Steam by Orange Flower, can be knit light and ethereal, or thick and cozy, depending on the gender and needs of the giftee!

The Noro Striped Scarf by Jared Flood is a quick knit in two balls of color-pooling yarn. The effect is charming, and the length can be easily modified for an adult or child.

One of the most popular patterns of the last decade is Stephanie Pearl-McPhee's One Row Scarf.  This scarf is fully reversible, and there's only one row of pattern to remember!  It's a fast knit in worsted on US 8's.  By varying needle and yarn weight, you can make this as delicate or as burly as you like.

Is there a special child in your life?  Do they love stories of kings and queens and dragons?  The Fiery Dragon Scarf by Brooke Hanna, is nothing short of delightful.  This is an easy knit, with only minimal shaping, making it quick while still being impressive.

Need a lighter scarf in the same creative department?  Try the Monty the Python scarf by Rowan Martindale.  Made on US 9's, it's fast and adorable!

If none of these work for you, remember that most yarn manufacturers offer between dozens and thousands of free patterns on their websites.  Dig through your stash, choose your yarn, and then turn to the manufacturer for the pattern that will make you and your loved ones happy.  Good luck!


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