Saturday, October 6, 2012

Ooops, I Did it Again!

Well, here I am typing from the magnificent kitchen of the lovely Inge Spungen, workshop coordinator of the Northern NJ Fiber Festival.  Her happy dog, OP, is pacing happily at my feet.  And what I don't have is my camera.  Zoikes!  I've done this twice this year, and one time that I did bring it, I had the settings all wrong and made nothing but smudgy pictures. (Think impressionist art gone very, very wrong.)

I am headed to CVS, as Inge is sure that they carry disposable digital cameras.  This is imperative so that if I shoot a messy shot, I can just delete it right away. So if I have success, I'll show you the festival.  If I don't, I'll describe it in detail.

But as a teaser, Mink Yarn!  Really!  So soft, and pretty, and light as air.  I'll take a photo of the finished shawl that I was caressing last night, and of the skeined yarn.  It's even reasonably priced, if you compare it to other premium fibers like cashmere and Suri Alpaca.

Okay, I'm off to CVS, and then to set up my classroom.  I'll show you everything when I get back to the kitchen tonight.  (Assuming I find that disposable!)

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