Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Moments from Woodstock

 Woodstock first!  All photos by my husband, Dave Marino of David Marino Photography.

The antique sock knitting machine below is just too cool!  Beautiful and hand made, now there are mass produced ones.
Antique Sock-Knitting Machine in use
Barbie doll heads, glitter and ribbon peek out of this novelty yarn, below. I don't know what I'd knit out of this!  It's a big trend to have large chunky stuff peeking out of your novelty yarns...  I don't really get it.
This sock yarn is supercool for socks, but I'm thinking of messing around with gloves!  It's the TurtleToes yarn from the previous post. Love it!
 Just some of the amazing hand made spindles available at the festival.  All the patterns are burned into the finished objects.

A kind gentleman explaining to me and my husband how easy it is to use a nostepinne. (It's a doodad for hand-winding center-pull skeins.)

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