Monday, December 31, 2012

Charity Hat Pattern for 2013

Hello!  My goal of making at least one hat for charity each month in 2013 was listed in this blog a couple of months ago, and it was very popular.  It led me to starting a group on Ravelry with the same goal, and I was thrilled to see that it passed 100 members in the first week, and is now at 146! 

The idea is that every month I'll try to provide an original hat pattern for folks to make as their charity hat for that month.  Some of these hat patterns will become paid patterns after the free month, and others will remain free.  Some will be by me, some will be by others who have been kind enough to offer.  (Offers still being accepted, by the way!  If you submit a pattern to me, please email me directly -  Other features of the Ravelry group include moral support, and a listing of dozens of charities accepting donations of hand knits.  Here is the first pattern, which will remain free.  It can also be found, with charting, at Ravelry.

January 2013 Knit Along Hat
Liz Marino

Materials: US 5 needles (this hat was made on double circs)

Tapestry Needle

1 skein Sport weight yarn (12-13 wpi) such as Cascade 220 sport

This hat is worked in the round. The chart represents one repeat. The hat is 5 repeats in total.
Cast on 140 stitches in cable cast on. Join the round, being careful not to twist.

Round 1 - 14: (k2, p2) around
Round 15 - 34: (p13, k15) 5 times

Round 35: (ssp, p9, p2tog,k15) 5 times
Round 36 - 39: (p11, k15) 5 times

Round 40: (ssp, p7, p2tog, k15) 5 times
Round 41 - 45: (p9, k15) 5 times

Round 46: (ssp, p5, p2tog, k15) 5 times
Round 47 - 55: (p7, k15) 5 times

Round 56: (ssp, p3, p2tog, k15) 5 times
Round 57 - 59: (p5, k15) 5 times

Round 60: (ssp, p, p2tog, k15) 5 times

Round 61: (p3, k15) 5 times

Round 62: (cdd, k15) 5 times

Round 63: (ssk, k 14) 5 times

Round 64: (k6, cdd, k7) 5 times

Round 65: k around

Round 66: (k5, cdd, k5) 5 times

Round 67: K around

Round 68: (k4, cdd, k4) 5 times

Round 69: K around

Round 70: (k3, cdd, k3) 5 times

Round 71: k around

Round 72: (k2, cdd, k2) 5 times

Round 73: k around

Round 74: (k, cdd, k) 5 times

Round 75: k around

Round 76: cdd 5 times

Break yarn leaving 8 inch tail. Thread tapestry needle, and weave tail through remaining 5 stitches twice. Draw top of hat tightly closed. Weave in all ends.
If you choose to make it, please do me the favor of submitting a photo!  We'd love to see it!  If you have any charities you'd like us to feature, please share that info, too.  Happy New Year!

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