Wednesday, December 19, 2012

One of Those Years

Well, it's time to look back at the year and assess the achievements and failures.  This has been a very strange year.

As the year dawned, I had just learned that one of my local yarn shops had been destroyed by fire.  Then I was invited to write a post for the British Campaign for Wool, which was a wonderful honor.  There seemed to be some balance to the universe, however slight.  My Gift Knits Kit Club was just kicking off, and the members were very happy with the first pattern and kit I sent them.  Then I severely injured my elbow moving furniture.  More balance.

Well, the universe wasn't done with me.  I learned I would teach at Rhinebeck this year!  In April I published 8 new patterns.  I was spending lots of time at the doctor's for the tummy, but happily living in the land of yarn. 

I had a few very uncomfortable tummy tests.  But in May, June and July, I maintained my teaching schedule and kept up my design schedule.  If I stuck to a liquid diet, I was well enough to travel.  August 1 my FIL Lou was hospitalized with extreme pain.  By the time he was discharged a week later, he had been diagnosed with lung cancer metastasized to his bones.  6 weeks later he was gone.

October was spent entirely on the road teaching, and culminated in a wonderful time at Rhinebeck.  Colleen and I met the Savvy Girls from the podcast, and shared a hug and a few moments with Kerri Steinmetz of KnitPurlGurl.  In a Toronto teaching gig, I physically crashed into Kaffe Fassett.

In November I initiated a group on Ravelry to knit at least one hat for charity each month in 2013.  I had surgery to solve my tummy trouble, and spent much of the month wishing pain pills were better at their job.  And then, right at the end of the month, the world lost Kerrie Steinmetz.

Now it's December, and I'm back on my feet.  The tummy is good, and solid food is amazing.  I think about Lou, I think about Kerrie, and I've been knitting charity hats.  My daughter, who has Asperger's, has been escalating in violence and aggression, was brought to the hospital by the police for evaluation.  And her frequent tantrums have gotten us thrown our of our apartment. 

She's back on her meds now, and things have calmed down.  We've found a new place, and we'll be moving after the first of the year.  I still can't make myself knit Lou's blanket, but someone is going to enjoy these hats.  I'm ready for a happy new year. 

Best wishes to you and yours.

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