Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Hitting the Knitting Wall

As many runners and other athletes will tell you, there comes a point in a long workout when your body refuses to comply with your commands.  Your legs feel heavy, your brain seems sluggish, and your coordination is a little off.  They call this moment "hitting the wall".  It's as if, while running, you ran into a wall.  Your forward progress is suddenly in jeopardy.

Well, my friends, I've hit the knitting wall.  Maybe it's the holiday baking, or the other prep for the holidays...  I've been fighting with some socks that are beautiful in my head, and even beautiful on the needles, but they won't come out to fit a human foot.  I'm sure there's a creature out there they will fit, but it's not a person.  Even if they would fit, they're kind of a pain in the but to knit.

My 2012 Rhinebeck sweater (yep, never finished) stares dolefully from the bottom of the knitting pile.  I've finished the back, the front, and 3/4 of the first sleeve.  It's lusciously soft, and I think it's beautiful.  Why isn't it finished?  I have no excuse.  It's a bit like when the dog comes to you with his leash in his mouth, and you still can't make yourself go for that walk around the block.  Sorry.  Maybe tomorrow.

I have hats to design for the charity hat knits of the month for 2013, and keep putting it off.  A nice woman sent in a hat pattern that she had written, and I haven't edited it, knitted it and taken a photo of it for the charity project. 

I have a blanket square that I'm supposed to knit, and I received the yarn, needles, and directions third-hand.  I hate the project, and the directions stink.  I have to rewrite the instructions to make a pattern I can use.  All told, this is maybe 90 minutes worth of work.  Not even started.

I find myself sitting down with my knitting and my coffee and staring into space.  The coffee disappears, and the knitting remains the same.  I promise myself a minimum number of rows, and that's all that gets done. 

The husband's slippers from last holiday that I've gotten 65% of the way through are still lingering at 65%.  They're in stunning yarns, and I just don't feel like it.

I don't know why I've hit a wall.  I just have.  Maybe it's just that none of these projects is fun for me right now.  All of them represent "getting it over with" even though in general I'll be thrilled with them when they're done.  Time to get over the hump.  Find some motivation.  Grow a set.  Or maybe take a nap, and start again later...


David Marino Photography said...

I can wait for those beautiful slippers, all I can say is "hang in there honey"! You're an amazing, gifted and wonderful designer, knitter and person. We have much going on in our lives and sometimes, the inevitable slump occurs. Relax, enjoy the coffee, cooking baking and nap, the knitting will be there and you will do an amazing job on each and every one of those projects. I so proud of you. D

cjbj said...

It will Pp was, hang in there.