Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Full Time Mittens is Coming to an End

I promised myself that the full-time push on the mitten book project would end on Sunday the 17th.  I need to pay more attention to my job, my family, and my friends.  I wish I could show you the finished samples!  They're really cool, and beautiful, and cozy.  Alas, no pre-publication pics are allowed at this time.  Rats.  Soon, I hope.

I kept to my plan, and yesterday was a work day.  So, ironically, it snowed yesterday, hard enough to stick.  Visibility was down to a quarter of a mile at times.  I thought it was funny that I had peacefully knit mittens on my porch in 75 degrees two weeks ago, and went back to work in snow. 

I'm still working on the book, just not full time.  So now I'll be a little slower about finishing the remaining patterns, polishing the chapters, etc.  I'm almost ready to send the first round of samples to the publisher.  My nerves are frazzled!  I love these mittens, and yet I second guess myself quite a bit.  Soon it will be out of my hands, and in the hands of editors, and I must say, it will be a relief! 

What I noticed in the midst of winding down the mitten intensity and winding up the work stuff is also a little ironic:  I really need more mittens!  When I don't need to have pristine samples for photography for the book, I'll have to make myself some mittens.  I have several older pairs that are starting to show their age, and need to have some "dress" mittens. Strange that I've been waist deep in mittens for months, and don't have any to wear to work.  30 odd pairs designed in a row later, maybe I'll put it off a little while. Maybe next winter.

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